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March 24, 2021 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Please join the ALF Senior Fellows Program Committee for a lively discussion about leadership in the time of COVID. What are some of the biggest leadership challenges in this moment, and how have you adapted? Matt Martinez (XXV) and

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Servant Leadership - ALF Board of Directors and Standing Committees

Want to become more involved in ALF?  The organization is fortunate to have 70+ Senior Fellows serving our mission each year.  Senior Fellows are invited to consider joining the ALF Board of Directors or a standing Committee.  Please contact Beth Boggs for more information.  Join the team.

Board of Directors 
• 10-25 members.
• Meets bimonthly.
• Sets policy.
• Approves annual budget/expenditures/financial reports.
• Oversees committee work.
• Contributes annually/participates in fundraising.
• Promotes ALF in the community.
• Nominates prospective Fellows.
• Participates in development of and monitors progress of the strategic plan.

Executive Committee
• Board President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President and Chairs of all committees.
• Meets bimonthly.
• Reviews/oversees ongoing fiscal, administrative/policy issues.
• Reviews committee activities/issues.
• Oversight of strategic planning.

• Treasurer and at least two Board members.
• Meets monthly, or as needed.
• Oversees financial status/health of organization.
• Assists ED with budget preparation.
• Establishes/reviews financial policies/tax returns.
• Coordinates with Fund Development Committee on funding needs 
• Includes at least two Board members.
• Meets 4-8 times/year.

Fund Development
• Assists ED with strategizing on and reviewing current funding strategies and making major donation requests.
• Works with board to identify potential sources of individual/corporate gifts.
• Coordinates Class Fundraising Champions.

Senior Fellows 
• Several graduates, chaired by board member. 
• Meets 7-9 times/year.
• Plans graduate activities and opportunities for engagement.

• Seven members, Chair and two other members are Board - board appointed committee.
• Meets 6-8 times/year.
• Seeks/reviews nomination criteria/nominations.
• Establishes timeline/process for selection of Fellows.
• Recommends final slate to EC/Board.
• Seats/selects annual Fellows.  

Fellows Program 
• At least five members, Chair and two other members from Board.
• Meets 9 times a year.
• Oversees quality/curriculum of current class program.
• Reviews program evaluations and monitors effectiveness of training components and facilitators.

Board Nominations 
• Chaired by Immediate Past President, includes Board Chair, Vice President and Executive Director.
• Meets two times a year.
• Recommends slate for chapter/national board to EC then Board.
• Orients new board members.

ALF National Board
• One representative from local board and ED.
• Oversees ALF National policy and activities.
• Two annual board meetings; others by conference call.

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