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ALF Strategic Plan 2011-2014

At a Glance Summary

June 9, 2011


“Join and strengthen a community of diverse leaders in Pierce County to better serve the public good.”


Build trust and networks among diverse leaders.

Motivate leaders to take responsibility and make a difference.

Strengthen capacities for community change.

Explore the interconnectedness of communities, nations, and the world.

Explore and enrich personal values.

Understand and empower self and others.

Explore, understand, and value diversity.

Inspire leaders to a lifetime of active public engagement.


How we got here--December, 2010 – January, 2011

Results of 2007-2010 ALF Strategic Plan.

ALF Board Self-Assessment.

Results of Class XV Survey.

Financial reports.

Financial history of ALF.

Committees discussed:  Accomplishments; Committee charter; Their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

The ALF Customer

Established leaders who value this transformative experience and the spirit of Servant Leadership.  Organizations (companies, foundations) that develop transformative leaders and believe that the organization has a commitment to the community.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition expresses the benefit that ALF promises a customer in return for the value-transfer.  What does a customer get in exchange for their participation, funding, or engagement?  This is designed to convince customers that our results add more value than others from like organizations.

  “ALF is for established leaders who seek a deep, transformative experience that will help them to create a beneficial shift in the community.   Distinct from other leadership training programs or civic organizations, ALF helps develop meaningful personal relationships among widely diverse individuals and provides an extensive network of Senior Fellows, all dedicated to improving the well-being of the community.”  

Strategic Approaches


  • Create tangible products that illustrate the ALF work that gets done and what ALF is trying to do
  • Amend bylaws to introduce term limits for committee members
  • Create meaningful points of connection for committees who share or overlap in goals, and ensure that these connections are used.
  • Use the strategic framework to develop effective, powerful and authentic messages about ALF. 

Selection Process

  • Frame new Fellow Nominee Invitation Package to be introduced for 2012 Nominations initiative
  • Frame Induction Package for new selected Fellows with Fellows Program Committee—for use in 2012
  • Increase level of awareness by Senior Fellows and prospective nominees regarding Class Selection by 2013
  • Establish and ALF norm of early Selection conversations and nominations
  • Establish an ALF norm to nominate persons of color and persons of contrary world views


  • Ensure our ongoing fiscal health of this ALF chapter
  • Build an operating reserve for organizational growth and thriving.

Fund Development

  • Develop Senior Fellow sustained giving.  Increase giving in each of the next three years, with the goal to raise $100,000 in year 2014.
  • Create a culture of giving such that 50% of Senior Fellows are giving each year by 2014.
  • Regularize communication between Finance and Fund Development Committees when revenue budget is being set, beginning 2011.


  • Prepare Fellows to transition to become Senior Fellows via an intentional Fellows Program so that there are expectations and obligations of Fellows that incorporate the sense of Servant Leadership and the ALF Cornerstones.
  • Keep the program relevant and up to date.
  • Review and refine tools for evaluating effectiveness of the program and program elements 
  • Improve functioning as a committee 

Senior Fellows

  • Establish the value of the ALF Network
  • Strengthen the ALF Network

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