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February 7, 2020 @ 7:30 am - 8:45 am
A culture of violence in Tacoma-Pierce County? Over the years we have become accustomed to seeing our community in the news for a string of horrific events ranging from child abuse and murder, serial killing, sidewalk and neighborhood
March 6 - 7, 2020 @ 4:30 pm - 1:00 pm
SAVE THE DATE...for this wonderful overnight with Senior Fellows from all classes. The Senior Fellows Program Committee is hard at work outlining plans for this meaningful retreat. Mark your calendars now and stay tuned for retreat

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Senior Fellows Encore Program

The first Encore Class was held February - July, 2017!  Missed it - don't worry.  Encore will be offered again in 2018.


ALF Tacoma/Pierce County Encore Program is conceived of approximately 25 Senior Fellows, spanning several classes, who will participate in a six-month program together. Encore classes will meet for a full day, once a month, for six months at a time.

The purpose of the Senior Fellows’ Encore Program is to:

  • Provide an opportunity to be connected with others who share ALF values and the experience of uniting, strengthening, and serving.

  • Engage Senior Fellows in the new curriculum in the Fellows Program year as a way to deepen learning and strengthen connections to newer classes.

  • Experience a safe and comfortable environment to be able to share challenges and opportunities and both give and receive supportive feedback.

  • Explore what each Senior Fellow has learned through his/her life experiences and continue to grow and learn from one another.

  • Create a forum for ALF Senior Fellows to meaningfully connect with other Senior Fellows beyond their individual classes.

  • Create a place for Senior Fellows to potentially engage in community change by exploring current issues in Pierce County.

The Encore Program is designed to continue to promote the ALF mission of uniting and strengthening diverse leaders to better serve the community. Constant in the monthly sessions is a combination of exploring pertinent leadership concepts, dialogue, the application of new learning in the class setting and discussion of leadership challenges in service to one’s organization and the community.

Program Description:

Orientation (1 Day)

Orientation is an introduction to the cohort. During this session we review the different components of ALF; our history, mission, impact and the Cornerstones. Orientation is our first opportunity to get to know each other in a meaningful way and to understand what the six-month experience will include.

The focus of learning for this session includes:

  • Understanding the purpose of the Senior Fellows’ Encore Program and providing an overview of the program year.
  • Reviewing ALF Cornerstones – getting reacquainted with ALF today.
  • Setting the tone for the level of trust and sharing during the Encore experience.
  • Sharing leadership challenges and aspirations of the class participants.

Difficult Conversations and Transformational Dialogue (1 Session)

The Nonviolent Communication model has provided ALF Fellows a framework and new skills for navigating challenging conversations both during their ALF year and in their home and community work. NVC now serves as an anchor in the Fellows program for the class to work through the many challenges they face together throughout the year.

The focus of learning for this session includes:

  • Introducing the Nonviolent Communication model through presentation, practice and reflection.
  • Anchoring the concept of effective communication as a fundamental cornerstone of leadership and communication skill development as a lifelong journey.
  • Providing relevant implications of key learning for future communication skill building at the individual level, for community building, and as a Senior Fellow cohort. 

Leading a Diverse Community: Embracing Differences (1 Session)

Every community is challenged to renew itself in the light of complexity and diversity. Initially, we experience our differences in relationship to race, gender, religion, age and sexual orientation, yet our differences are often experienced in other ways. You will explore the challenges of modern day communities to incorporate diverse voices and the challenges leaders face in building from within these diverse voices. 

The focus of learning for this session includes:

  • Gain a potentially new and shared language for working with the difficult concepts around social memberships.
  • Better understand “otherizing” or distancing dynamics common to sexism, racism, ageism, xenophobia, homophobia, classism, and others. Have an increased ability to recognize the dynamics of unintentional prejudices and how they affect interactions.
  • Participants will feel they have heard each other and gained empathy for others’ experience of challenge in interactions across significant difference. You will find a greater capacity to work from empathy and respect for others (and themselves) in situations involving the complexities of social membership.
  • Have a vision that hopeful change is possible and that skills can be practiced to effect that change at personal, relational, organizational, and social levels.
  • Have a great deal of fun, come to value one another in a new way, and identify options for choosing vitality in their life and work.

Peer Consulting (1 Session)

Building on the trust that grows in your cohort, participants will practice the art of Adaptive Leadership Peer Consulting, a methodology pioneered by Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky of Cambridge Leadership Associates. The value of the consultation process comes from the diagnostic breakthroughs which dramatically help the Case Presenter see a situation in a fundamentally different way than he/she presented it to the group. A few participants in this interactive day will have the opportunity to confidentially present a challenge (personal or professional) for small group peer consulting using the methodology presented.

The focus of learning for this session includes:

  • Exploring the concepts of technical problems versus adaptive challenges.
  • Offering a tangible tool (methodology) for gaining peer support on problem solving for personal and professional challenges.

Diving Deeper (1 Session)

Communities are desperate for skilled leaders who know how to come together in a way that makes the entire room smarter than any one person. The Diving Deeper session will be an opportunity to have real world conversations focused on things people care about, and participants will be encouraged to practice skills and incorporate insights from the other sessions as you work through the day. This session will primarily be self-facilitated with an agenda pre-determined by the cohort.

The focus of learning for this session includes the following, and will be largely defined by Encore participants:

  • Exploring issues in the Tacoma/Pierce County community.
  • Sharing personal learning about your leadership stance – how is being with this group of diverse leaders influencing how you hold yourself as a leader and in taking action in your work?
  • How can you advance your work in the community?
  • How can your participation help others?
  • How am I participating as citizen and leader in this class?
  • How are we moving ahead?
  • What are we building together and how can we build it better? 

Going Forward and Stand and Deliver (1 Session)

Integrating what you have discovered about yourself, other Senior Fellows, and the Pierce County community into your personal community – how will you show up differently as a result of this experience? Stand and Deliver will ask Encore participants to explore all of the ways in which shared participation and construction of the class experience created both personal and group collective experience.

The focus of learning for this session includes:

  • Review and renew one’s individual commitment to the ALF mission and larger community.
  • Share individual “Stand and Deliver” commitment with Encore participants.

Sessions will be held at locations throughout Pierce County. 


Program cost is $800 per participant and can be paid in monthly installments. Fee may be paid by participant, employer or a combination of both. 

Please call the Beth if you have any questions. (253) 284-2280

Two full scholarship seats will be available, based upon need. Partial scholarships may also be offered - to be determined once all full scholarship requests are processed.



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