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ALF's History

The American Leadership Forum (ALF) was founded in 1980 by Joseph Jaworski, who left his successful law practice to address what he increasingly saw as a crisis of leadership taking place throughout the country. His vision was to establish a national organization dedicated to bringing together leaders from various sectors in communities across the country to develop their leadership skills and capacity and strengthen their commitment to work together on public issues. Today, there are nine autonomous ALF Chapters throughout the country - Houston, Texas; Detroit, Michigan, Portland, Oregon; Tacoma, Washington; Charlotte, North Carolina; Waccamaw, South Carolina; Sacramento, California; Great Valley (Modesto) California; and Silicon Valley, California.  ALF has graduated over five thousand ALF Senior Fellows throughout the country have completed the original program, bringing to their disparate communities a new sense of commitment, understanding, and interconnectedness..

American Leadership Forum Mission

The American Leadership Forum joins and strengthens diverse leaders to serve the common good.  We do this through a year-long Fellows Program in each Chapter’s community in which leaders can engage in dialogue, differ, and build relationships.  ALF strengthens Fellows’ capacity to address public issues collaboratively and builds a strong leadership network to work for positive change in the communities we serve.

American Leadership Forum Core Values

  1. Primacy of relationship
  2. Appreciation, exploration and inclusion of diversity
  3. Dialogue and Collaboration
  4. Service to the common good
  5. Inner reflection and personal growth

American Leadership Forum Cornerstones

These Core Values lead to a curriculum based on the following “Cornerstones:”

  1. Building trust and networks among diverse leaders
  2. Motivating leaders to be catalysts for positive community change
  3. Strengthening capacities for community change
  4. Exploring the interconnectedness of communities within a region
  5. Exploring and enriching personal values
  6. Understanding and empowering self and others
  7. Exploring, understanding, and valuing diversity
  8. Inspiring leaders to a lifetime of active public engagement


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