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Welcome, ALF Class XXII!
Front Row (L-R): Andy Buelow, Kathy Hobbs, Kathleen Deakins, Jackie Ostrum, Joy St. Germain, Holly Bamford Hunt, Melannie Denise Cunningham, Carmetrus Parker, David Strong, Marcie Osborne, Carla Santorno, Marguerite Giguere
Back Row: (L-R): I.V. Reeves, Chad Krilich, Jeff Santman, Rob Hawkins, Van Sawin, Vazaskia Caldwell, Cliff Jo, Elliot Stockstad, Jean Jackman, Faith Mueller, Carolyn McDougal
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Do you know a leader that would benefit from being part of a fellowship committed to broadening their awareness of community and honoring its diversity in order to better guide, influence and serve the wellbeing of all? Nominations now accepted for Class XXIII. Deadline - September 11, 2015. Click on Nominate a Fellow link under For Senior Fellows.


Front row (L-R): Annette Bryan, David Schroedel, Craig Richmond, Tracy Kahlo, Greg Youtz, Nina Hardy
Middle row (L-R): Leisl Santkuyl, Alicia Lawver, Michelle Barnett, Nancy Sutton, Kate Frazier, Mary Almonte, Mike Zaro
Back row (L-R): David Devine, Zach Powers, Jahmad Canley, Jim Duggan, Al Bacon, Lance Kagey, Pam Duncan, JD Elquist, Jonathon Johnson. Not in photo: Carlyn Roy


Quotable Quotes

"The only means of strengthening one's intellect is to make up one's mind about nothing - to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts" John Keats (from Rick Little, Class XIV)

- John Keats

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