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Hope you will join us for a relaxing, fun overnight at Harmony Hill.  The 12th Annual Senior Fellows Retreat will be held Friday, February 6 - Saturday, February 7. Registration is now open - please click on Senior Fellows Retreat under Events on the right side of this page!

Back Row (L-R): Annette Bryan, Pam Duncan, David Devine, Alicia Lawver, Lance Kagey, Zach Powers, Michelle Barnett, JD Elquist, Jon Johnson, Jahmad Canley, Al Bacon, Jim Duggan, Mike Zaro

Middle Row Standing (L-R): Liesl Santkuyl, Nancy Sutton, Tracy Kahlo, Carlyn Roy
Front Row Kneeling (L-R): Mary Almonte, Nina Hardy, Kate Frazier, Craig Richmond, Greg Youtz, David Schroedel


Front row (L-R): Judi Hyman, Sue Potter, Andrea Smith, Catherine Ushka, Beth Boggs, Sharon Chambers Gordon, Linda Hurley Ishem, Annie Jones-Barnes, Sherrana Kildun, Linda Nguyen

Back row (L-R): Mark Lindquist, Marty Diklich, Kristen Sawin, Louis Cooper, Jr., sweet pea Flaherty, LaMont Green, Jeff Klein, Mark Starnes. Not in photo: Dave Bugher and Barry Ray


Quotable Quotes

"The only means of strengthening one's intellect is to make up one's mind about nothing - to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts" John Keats (from Rick Little, Class XIV)

- John Keats

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